Negocios en Chile

Business in CHILE 

Initiating the  Business 

Incorporation deeds, protocolization, registers at Commerce Register, IRS, Other

Iniciando el Negocio

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Active  Business 

Accounting: Setting of systems, operational accounting, taxes compliance, financial reporting, other

100% Guaranteed

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Professional Services

Accounting standards; US GAAPs, IAS, IFRS. Reporting: Financial Statements, other

Rapid and efficient compliance

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Internal Control

Revision of Control Position, Audits, Recommendations, Building of Self Analysis Check Lists, COSO reviewing, other

Excellent & Experienced Professionals

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Applied IT Systems

Accounting Systems, team assemble, specialist, programming, controlling

SAP, SAP BO, Softland, Other

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Education & Training

Companies´ Tailored Courses, Internal Communications, Courses Evaluation and Scoring, other

Business Courses & Training - Tailor Made or General

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Reporting to HQ & Local

Our broad professionlism in the Finance, Accounting Administration areas, guarantee a solid communication and compliance with HQ requirements, as well as, local Chile´s legal information and documentation. We adapt or install models as required by the business processes.

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